HAVEN Interview Part 3: Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant Talk Season 5

Haven - Season 4

Here is part 3 of this week’s interview with Haven stars Emily Rose (Audrey Parker) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos). There’s more to come!

Haven returns to Syfy on September 11th at 10/9c.

We finally got some steamy Audrey/Nathan lovin’ last season. Are we going to get more of that or maybe some Mara/Nathan action?

Lucas: Hm… We got steamy last season? I don’t know what movies you’re watching.

Emily: [Laughs] You “made some pancakes” last season.

Lucas: Right, right, right.

Emily: Will there be any pancakes this season?

Lucas: There is some more steam this season.

Emily: Yeah.

Lucas: Yup. Specifically, I’m not going to tell you who it’s between. But I will tell you there is steam.

Emily: There is steam.

Lucas: There’s heat. There’s the residual steam that comes from that heat exchange.

Emily: [Laughs]

Lucas: Between a number of different characters.

Emily: There is a lot of steam – combinations of steam. As all relationships are growing and ever so interesting, there’s different forms that steam takes.

Lucas: Does that answer your question?

Emily: [Laughs] You’re making us very uncomfortable!

Would Audrey forgive Nathan if he “made pancakes” with Mara?

Emily: Well, Nathan “made pancakes” with Sarah apparently.

Lucas: That never happened.

Emily: That did happen!

Lucas: Not pancakes!

Emily: What? Waffles? What did they have in the 50s?

Lucas: I’m just going to shut up.

Emily: Just stop right now. [Laughs]

Lucas: If Nathan were to “make pancakes” with Mara, there would be a really good reason.

Emily: Oh really? A “really good reason,” that’s what they all say. I don’t know if Mara’s getting … well, I’m going to leave it at that.

What is it like from the production side of things to shoot the double season?

Emily: We didn’t really get a break in between them. We are shooting the 26 straight through. We’re about to go on our second hiatus, which is just like a week long. But, we’re shooting them straight through – it’s easier to get the machine up here up and going and keep it going for everybody. What was weird was coming up on the 13 and being like, “Oh my gosh, this is…” In adding a double order, we took a day away from each episode that we were filming. We used to film in 7 [days], now were filming in 6. So 12 days for the 2 episodes, which in TV talk that’s insane. It really made the 13, the first 13, go by super quick and I remember at the end, we just finished the first 13, and to be like, “Oh my goodness, we would have been done by now. We would’ve been home.” It doesn’t feel like we should be done yet. But it’s exciting to do this next season. I feel like something that I always feel every year at the end of the 13, “Oh now I’m really in the hang of what we’re doing.” Then you have to go home. This year I feel like let’s hit our stride and let’s even hit our stride even more. I’m excited about that.

Lucas: Just like Emily said, I don’t know if it’s a chicken or the egg thing, if the way we’ve been shooting this season has allowed for us to have more energy or if we have more energy we’re pacing ourselves for a marathon. But, like Emily said, we would normally be done right about now. I feel like there’s a lot of gas in the tank left. Thankfully so because we still have a long haul.

Emily: And you have to direct on top of that.

Lucas: I get to direct on top of that.

How much fun has it been playing Mara?

Emily: A lot of fun. She’s got a lot of attitude. It’s funny, I watched the first couple episodes, too, just to kind of see how this new character rolled out. I’m a very visual person, I don’t necessarily just like to let the work go. I have to kind of watch it and gage where I’m at and where like she should be at. While Mara is pretty cool in the first episodes, I feel like episodes 5, 6, 7, she really, really hits true Mara form. Which is really exciting. But, I think at the end of playing a Mara day, I’m very exhausted because as much energy as it normally takes to solve the Troubles and keep the world from blowing up all the time, it takes even more energy to just be sort of mocking everyone and in everyone’s face and keeping a lid on her own stuff that she’s dealing with. What was fun about Mara is sometimes as an actor, when you’re working on an episode, you’ll do something that you think is really awesome and big, and the director will say, “That’s a good exercise, now let’s take it down a couple notches.” And you’re like, “What? That was great! That was big, that was dramatic, that was awesome.” With Mara, I never got smaller with her. I got, “Bigger. Keep going, keep going.” [There] was permission to do that and that was a blast. And to have it work is always nice – not to go back and be like, “Wow, I should never have done that.” [Laughs] Not from that angle!

Throughout the episode, I couldn’t decide if I hated Mara or like her.

Emily: That’s honestly what the question that was every day on set. I’d have crew come up to me, because I have a great hair and makeup team they’re a big part of making – and wardrobe – that character be different and to be a different person, everybody kept coming up to me, “I love to hate her. I like her…but I don’t…what is she saying?” But I guarantee, if you think she pushed the envelope in the first episode there are some things that Mara says that I just…I was like, I really feel uncomfortable saying this right now. It’s exciting that the writers get to go there as well in turn, to go to those depths is neat.