HAVEN Interview Part 4: Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant Talk Season 5

Here is part 4 of the interview with Haven‘s Emily Rose (Audrey Parker) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos). There’s still more to come! (Can there ever be too much Haven?)

Haven returns September 11th at 10/9c on Syfy.

Supernatural is starting its 10th season, would you want to go 10 seasons? Is there the chemistry to continue?

Lucas: When we were first up here and I was introduced to the Bronco, I got in it and I remember saying, “You know, after season 8, I’m buying this thing.” Everybody sort of laughed and shook their heads like that was a completely ridiculous thought. Now, here we are. By the end of this, we’ll have the equivalent of 6 seasons worth of material out there. Statistically, we are … it’s outrageous. We’re very lucky and blessed to have been supported this long. I would be honored to be able to go for double-digits.

Emily: To be honest and frank with everyone, it’s really the fans that determine that for us. 100%. We’re a cable show and all of our contracts have expiration dates on them. As much as we love the characters, and to be honest on one facet of your question the way you phrased it you said, “Do the characters have the chemistry to continue on?” I actually think that is something our show does have. Really great chemistry. The friendships and the ability to work together in long crazy conditions all the time for this long, I have no doubt that if it relied on chemistry and relationship … Adam Copeland has been a great addition to our cast and all the guest stars – Richard, John and everybody. We know how to operate as a family up here, and if it was based on chemistry and everybody getting along, it wouldn’t be an issue. Because it’s based on numbers and ratings and all that stuff, it’ll be interesting to see how the fans turn out for these next couple seasons and to see how the network responds to those numbers. Obviously, if we don’t continue on Syfy for whichever reason, I don’t put it past anybody – we live in a day and age where shows get cancelled and picked up again all the time. We all are kind of holding our breaths. Is this the end? We don’t know. Is it the beginning to a different chapter? Honestly, for every show it just depends on the audience and on their dedication to showing up for it regularly. We have great fans, so no doubt that would happen. But in the days of DVRing, it’s hard for those numbers to translate.

Are we going to be going back to the Colorado Kid anytime soon?

Emily: We do not abandon it, let me put it that way. It is definitely a piece of the discussion. What do you think, Lucas?

Lucas: I think that was a good answer.

Emily: We don’t abandon it. It’s always a fiber in the magical rug that is Haven. [Laughs]

Lucas: Very nice.

Emily: Thank you.

How does Laura Mennell fit in this season? Will she be making pancakes?

Lucas: She is …

Emily: Are we allowed to say that?

Lucas: I don’t know if we are… Yeah…she’s not beholden to anyone. She affects all of us in massive ways.

Emily: We’re just trying to see what we’re allowed to say. Charlotte and Monsieur Dwight have a little work, make work project relationship. I don’t know if they make pancakes or not.

Good for Dwight.

Lucas: Well, we’ll see if it’s good for Dwight.

Emily: Yeah, we’ll see if it’s good for Dwight.

Lucas: There is more to this character than …

Emily:…than meets the eye.

Lucas: That’s right.

So Nathan doesn’t get a dedicated guest star?

Lucas: Nathan has this wall that he bangs his head on. A dedicated wall.

Emily: That could be the name for Mara and Audrey Parker – the wall?

Lucas: The Wall.

Emily: The Dedicated Wall. That’s funny.

With the rumors that these seasons might be the last, are you enjoying more your time off set together?

Emily: Lucas just runs away every day, like get me out of here.

Lucas: I run away and then I sit on your porch and wait for you to come home.

Emily: [Laughs]

Lucas: So I get to hang out with you guys. I don’t know if we have the benefit of perspective. When we’re doing this thing, it’s just sort of overwhelmingly doing this thing all the time. But, I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy being with you people. It’s been like a real sort of family year.

Emily: I think Lucas is blacking out every day I come to set […] and he’s like, “So how are you?” And I’m like, “We have got to stop complaining about the little things because we may not have this anymore! There’s going to be a time when you’re like, ‘Where is Emily? Why can I not be acting with her? Where is my coffee?’”

Lucas: That’s true.

Emily: And he’s like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ll be acting together until we’re 80. Cause you’re in my contract.”

Lucas: Every day she reminds me to be thankful for her. We’re doing her close up and she’s like, “Just take this in ‘cause someday you’re going to be looking across the room and this face may not be there.”

Emily: [Laughs] I’m totally sentimental every day. Like Lucas said, we’re trying to make a good show, and care about it a lot. So we get in the ring and in these fights for our characters and everything. But, I’m constantly looking around the room at our crew and getting sad about the fact that – well, every year you’re like, well maybe we’ll be back. But you’re kind of like, oh wow, they ordered 26 episodes, this really might be the end of the line. We don’t know. So these are friends up here, our family that we…we’ve been up here for 5 years, that’s a big section of our lives. There’s been weddings, there’s been babies, there’s been all kinds of stuff so…it’s a tight family.