On January 10, 2015, The World Dog Awards took over the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica to celebrate man’s best friend. Even though it was raining cats and dogs (yeah, I went there), OHSOGRAY was on hand to chat with some of the dog owners, including Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, who were there with Jonathan’s dogs Stewie and Gracie. Check out what they said below and be sure to tune into The World Dog Awards on January 15th, 8/7c on The CW.

Hi guys, it’s nice to talk to you. I was on a Property Brothers bender over the holidays.

Jonathan: You recovered well?

Fortunately, I have. Tell me how you got Gracie and Stewie?

Jonathan: I actually sought them out. I found them both at eight weeks old and they have been best friends. So she (Gracie) is seven and a half. [I] had her first for a little while and then got him (Stewie) – he’s five and a half.

Are they enjoying their new doggy door in your new house?

Jonathan: They love the doggy door.

Drew: You saw the install and all the drama over where to put it?

Jonathan: They’re well behaved and they let themselves in and out as needed. They actually spoil me more than I spoil them.

Drew: See this is the thing, any good dog owner needs to realize that if you give your dogs something like that—that they can use on their own—it makes your life so much easier. The dogs can take care of themselves.

Although they do probably miss their courtyard.

Jonathan: They have entered the courtyard once or twice.

Drew: Yeah, they do get in, but every now and again [Jonathan] will open the gate up so they can get over onto my putting area, and he (Stewie) loves to poop in my putting area. I think it’s just to spite me.

I have a really hard-hitting question for you, Jonathan. What happened to your hair highlights?

Jonathan: You know what, I wanted this to be [Stewie’s] moment.

Drew: Surfer Jonathan is a thing of the past.

Now it will be even harder for people to tell you apart.

Jonathan: It’s getting harder.

Drew: He tried his N’Sync look for many years. He thought he’d get into a band. It didn’t work, so he decided to give it up.

Jonathan: Also, you can see that Drew has grown out my look with the scruff.

Drew: Yeah…I didn’t shave over the weekend. [Gracie] did too…we have the same scruff.

Drew, any chance you’ll ever add some dogs to your family?

Drew: You know, maybe eventually. I travel too much. I only get home two, three weeks a year. I’m always on the road, so I decided no dogs for me right now. I’ll just be the cool uncle.