Tonight Watch The NFL Team Up To Stop Bullying

“The yearly special, NFL Characters Unite profiles NFL stars who have faced difficult life challenges, including Mario Williams nearly sidelining his football career after losing a loved one in the war in Iraq; Darren Sproles’ battle to conquer a debilitating stutter; Jamaal Charles’ struggle to be a man without a father in his life; and Richard Sherman’s fight to escape gang violence. Each player mentors a young person in his community who is currently struggling to fit in, deal with bullying and overcome adversity. By sharing their stories and engaging in confidence-building activities coordinated through local YMCAs, the players encourage the kids to find the character, strength and courage to persevere and pursue their own dreams.”

NFL CHARACTERS UNITE, created and produced by Charlie Ebersol, premieres on USA on Friday, February 6 at 7pm EST.