NBC’s The Voice – What It’s Like To Compete

The Voice - Season 6


Being on NBC’s The Voice looks like it would be a pretty incredible experience.  You get the hair, makeup, cheering crowds, and a chance to work with some of the music industry’s most famous voices.  As the Battle Rounds continue, OHSOGRAY checked in with some of the contestants moving forward to see what the best part and most challenging part of the experience has been to date.

Ddendyl (Team Shakira)

Best PartThere’re so many incredible things about The Voice starting with being able to work with these incredible artists. Miranda Lambert really gave me so much advice and encouragement. It was just so incredible to be able to work with her and absorb what she was saying.  And that’s really been just so inspiring and mind blowing and so surreal. Every time people ask me, “How is it working with Shakira? How is it working with Miranda Lambert?” I have to kind of pinch myself to remind me that wow, this is real and I didn’t just dream it all.

Most Challenging Part – [S]eeing all the friends that I’ve gotten to know go home. That’s really tough.  [We] forget sometimes that we’re in a competition and not everybody gets to make it and gets to go through.  That’s really difficult emotionally and mentally.  Also when you are competing and you’re in that battle mode, it’s really difficult to be in that duet and not try to out sing each other. Because I think that when you’re out singing each other it makes a really terrible battle – it just really doesn’t make it a good show.

Melissa Jimenez (Team Usher)

Best Part – [B]eing on The Voice period.  We have this amazing platform and opportunity.  You see it on TV and you see all the glitz and the glamour and the stage and the noise and the action and the crowd – you’re just like “Wow.”  [Also] the challenge that it gives me as an artist and to be able to work with these amazing coaches. I have Usher. I’ve been a fan of him since I can’t – since a little girl. And he’s the coach that I wanted from the start. And I am blessed that he turned around because he heard something in my voice.

Most Challenging Part – [T]o really continue to stay connected and focused with the show and to remain humble and grounded which I’ve been – my father has always taught me to always stay grounded and humble.  Last night, even though we were happy to see the battle and to celebrate, he allowed me to celebrate for a quick second.  Then he’s like all right, time to get back to work.  So that’s how I’ve always gone into every situation.

Dani Moz (Team Shakira)

Best Part  – The best moment for me was the moment that was created [ ] on that stage between me and DeShawn. I could only hope as a performer that the audience feels the emotion I’m trying to convey out there on that stage.  I know I certainly felt it. With DeShawn being up there I really let myself completely let go and sink into it and be emotional in that song and in that moment. DeShawn is just the real deal. He is the true talent and he’s become such a good friend of mine.

Most Challenging Part – [T]hose steps onto the stage for the first blind audition. By far, that’s the moment you’re waiting for, your entry onto this huge platform and this show with all these amazing artists and superstar coaches. That to me has by far been the most challenging – mustering up the courage and getting yourself ready for that blind audition.

Kat Perkins (Team Adam)

Best Part – meeting new people and learning from each other and definitely in my case, my coach Adam Levine. In our last episode we had an advisor Aloe Blacc and so we learned some stuff from him too. I honestly have just never been so in touch with my voice since I was probably studying when I was – 15 years ago.  It’s nice to be back in touch with that and being a better performer and just an all around better person with this experience.

The Most Challenging – It’s that blind audition that you spend so much time preparing and that moment is really, really, really intense. It’s such an unknown.  Even the battle round, there’re aspects that are unknown but that is just a crazy intense moment of trying to turn a chair and you’re in an audition mode, it’s in a performance mode or having both together.  That’s probably been the most challenging for me for sure.

The Voice airs on NBC on Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c.