Inside Scoop: UNDATEABLE’s Bridgit Mendler & Guest Star Victoria Justice Talk Live Episode

OHSOGRAY hit the set of NBC’s comedy Undateable, which is upping the ante in its sophomore season with an hour-long live episode this week. Newest cast member Bridgit Mendler and guest star Victoria Justice talked about their feelings going into the live episode and what other projects they have in the works.

Undateable’s live episode airs Tuesday, May 5th at 9pm on NBC.

What were your thoughts when you found out about the live episode?

Bridgit: It feels like a challenge of something that really hasn’t been done before, at least for us. It’s sort of this ‘why not’ attitude. So I love that in the spirit of this show and in the creators of this show they like to challenge things and do thing spontaneously. I think that’s the strength of the show—it doesn’t feel too put on. It feels like everything is real and coming from a brave place where you’re not afraid to try something that’s stupid.

Are you going to be spearheading the musical episode next year?

Bridgit: We already have music in this episode all over the place. Special surprises from special guests….

Is comedy something that comes easy to you?

Bridgit: I still feel like I don’t get it, to be honest.

Victoria: Really? I think you’re really funny.

Bridgit: Thank you. The rhythm of comedy…these guys have excellent timing. They just toss things out and are just funny. I think there’s something intuitive about it. They just know. Maybe when I’m less aware of it, that’s for the better. You just tap into whatever is organically there in the material.

Victoria: I love comedy. I think I’ve always been more on the side of being a goofy girl. I started off in comedy…being on Zoey 101 and 2 Nickelodeon comedy shows and then Victorious, being a sitcom. At first, I think the more you do anything the more comfortable you become with it. It becomes second nature in a way. I love comedy.

Have either of you done theatre work?

Victoria: I did. I started out with musical theatre. I haven’t done theatre in a long time, though. Just coming from a single camera drama on MTV, I haven’t done this in a while. It will be fun.

Bridgit: I think even just doing the live show on this show every week when we have a live audience coming in and laughing at the jokes that they’re hearing for the first time that feels like a performance. I feel like I’m used to that kind of theatre-ish feel to the workday. But, I did do theatre before TV acting.

But you both have experience in front of a studio audience.

Bridgit: The first time we did a live taping here and my family came to watch, there was the crassness to some of the scripted material but also in between takes the guys are making all these dirty jokes and my mom is sitting there. And I’m like, “God this is so embarrassing.” I went over to see her later and was all, “I’m sorry.” And she was just cracking up. She was loving it. I guess it’s just funny for me as you grow up, you see different sides of your parents. I’m like, “Oh, I guess she does like that kind of humor more than I thought she would.” So I think that’s just been a funny change in the dynamic.

Is there anything you worry about going wrong on the live episode?

Bridgit: I guess just the obvious—messing up lines. Maybe I’m even more nervous about our live performance than I am for the lines because I feel like acting you can cover it up. But with music, it’s like, ‘Oh what if we just start completely off on our cues.” I guess you can get back on that as well.

Do you both have plans for the summer?

Victoria: I have a movie coming out this summer called “The Outskirts.” It’s a cool high school, coming of age comedy.

Bridgit: I have new music. So that’s going to be the task of the summer.