A&E Greenlights New Crime Drama “D.O.A.”


(Photo: A&E)

If you can’t get enough of crime drama, A&E has a new show that will be just up your alley.

A&E describes the premise of the show as follows:  The elite team of investigators include Detective Michelle Wood, a homicide officer from Chicago with 13 years on the force; Detective Joe Schillaci, a 30-year veteran of the Miami PC with a background in homicide and undercover work; and Kevin “Spider” Gannon, a retired NYPD detective and supervisor.  With no prior knowledge of the crime or the verdict, Michelle, Joe, and Kevin will begin their investigation at a meticulously reconstructed crime scene and will work the case, interviewing first-person players and forensic specialists.  The question is:  will they come to the same conclusions as in the original case?  Or could the wrong man be behind bars?