Chat With Legend Doris Roberts On Her Newest Role

Hulu continues its successful run of original programming with comedies like The 4 to 9ers: The Day Crew, whose season finale is available now on Hulu and YouTube. The show follows the lives of millenials, who are emerging from college into a rough job market, as they make the discovery of how unpleasant it can be to have jobs, roommates, and bills.

This season, Everybody Loves Raymond’s favorite mother, Doris Roberts, guest starred in two episodes as Mary-Margaret Doyle, the mother of the mall’s security guard, Sgt. Doyle.  OHSOGRAY chatted with the incredibly accomplished Roberts, who at 88 years old shows no signs of slowing down.

Roberts explained that she was drawn to the role by the promise that she would get to “dance, carry on, and be sexy,” and that when she did, she “had a great time.”  Getting someone like Roberts to commit to a project is no easy task, and she explains that in new roles, her top priority is talent.  Roberts found this quality in The 4 to 9ers: The Day Crew and hopes to continue her work on the show.

When asked what advice she would have for the younger generation of actors, Roberts replied, “Study.  Take classes.  I still go to classes Saturday morning.  I still learn every single Saturday.  Keep your minds open and study.”  This suggestion comes from a woman with more than 60 years of professional acting experience that spans theatre, television, and film – so she clearly knows what she’s talking about.

The 4 to 9ers: The Day Crew’s is produced by Content & Company.  Its complete season will be available on Hulu and YouTube for your binge viewing pleasure.  You can access the show through these links.