Inside Scoop: COLONY’s Ally Walker On Her New Role & Work-Life Balance

By: Agatha Kasprzak

Ally Walker’s character, Helena, on USA’s post-invasion drama Colony is still a bit of a mystery. Is she truly loyal to the Transitional Authority? OHSOGRAY participated on a recent press call with Walker, where she discussed her role, balancing her personal life and acting career, and whether she’ll be returning to Netflix’s Longmire.

Colony airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.

What she loves about Helena:

I like playing strong characters. It’s sort of another strong female character and that always speaks to me. Because I think that – there’s a lot of great roles out there for women now in TV. But this kind of woman just really intrigues me. It’s really hard to play ball in a man’s world. She’s a real power ball, power hitter and she just kind of calls the shots. I like the fact that she’s very detached and unemotional. She’s like a corporate girl. She knows how to solve problems and I like that. I like showing that kind of cold decision person.

If she lived in occupied Los Angeles, would she be resistance or transitional authority:

I think I would probably in the resistance. I’m always kind of difficult. I think probably I would feel like it’s time to, you know, to change this. I really try to be a little bit more proactive, you know, politically and things. So I would probably be in the resistance any day.

What interested you in taking on this role?

I saw the pilot. I knew Carlton Cuse from – I did one – I think my first pilot or maybe my second pilot with Carlton about 25-years ago. And it was a remake of the Witches of Eastwick. And it was hilariously silly and — but he and I became friends. I’ve seen him on and off over the years. He’s a great writer. And so he had called me. They called and said do you want to look at the pilot? I thought, yes, sure, okay. You know, not thinking much and hoping for the best. But I was floored. I like doing different and everybody does. But, Profiler was so original. June Stahl was so original for me.

Will she get any good fight scenes:

Well, I certainly hope she doesn’t get her hair messed. We actually don’t know what the plans for Helena are. I have not texted the writers. I have not talked — I think by the end you will see her reacting in a more forceful way shall I say? And get a little bit more involved, yes, she does. But whether that involves shooting and being violent – I’m not really sure, no.

On tackling a sci-fi role:

Sci-fi’s fun. I think it’s more about – it’s a larger canvas paint on. It’s sort of, like, stretch your mind a little bit.. That’s a different language. The unimaginable becomes imaginable… we’ve been taken over. I think human beings are pretty good at that. [Sci-fi] is a broadening of the horizon which I find really fun.

On a possible return to Longmire:

Well, I certainly hope so. I think you will. I hope I’m not dead. I can’t answer these questions. I really love that show. It’s really different, isn’t it? I really think it’s a great show. It’s very, very, quiet. And I love the actors on that show. I love Lou Diamond Phillips and A. Martinez and everybody, everybody. But it’s like those guys I just love watching. They’re fun.

On balancing her career and personal life:

I kind of left Profiler because I was expecting another baby and was tired of dealing with the hours. I just couldn’t keep up. [S]omebody told me once you can do everything just not at the same time and I really learned that at that point in my life. I had so many blessings. It was wonderful. But I was truly, truly, exhausted. I really wanted to be with my son and I really was anxious to start that part of my life. I couldn’t do those 16-hour days anymore. I couldn’t do it. I was just – it really – it knocked me out.