EXCLUSIVE Interview with A.P. BIO’s Allisyn Ashley Arm & Nick Peine

OHSOGRAY recently chatted with A.P. BIO‘s Allisyn Ashley Arm and Nick Peine. Check out new episodes on Thursdays on NBC (8:30-9 p.m. ET).

What can you preview for us about the rest of the season?

Allisyn Ashley Arm: So this season we’ve got a lot of really exciting stuff coming up. I know that one of my favorite episodes coming up is called We Don’t Party. I’m sure Nick has a lot of fun stories from that one.

Nick Peine: My favorite too.

Allisyn Ashley Arm: So it was our first time being able to get out of the classroom set and go somewhere that wasn’t a school with the whole cast. And you know, we had already bonded and became family but somehow we got even closer while filming this. And it’s basically…

Nick Peine: It’s like a road trip. It’s like I was – it’s like a sports team taking a road trip because you’re away from your normal environment and a lot of times shooting on location is – it’s uncomfortable and it’s not convenient and logistically it’s difficult so it just kind of – it brings everybody together with a sort of you have a common enemy…your discomfort from – seriously from being in a foreign environment…

Allisyn Ashley Arm: We love our job, but yes.

Nick Peine: Yes, no, it was great for cast chemistry. And it’s really funny.

Allisyn Ashley Arm: Yes, it’s basically all of Jack’s dweebie A.P. Bio students they attend their first high school party so seeing all of these nerdy characters in advanced placement who are super concerned with learning in their first high school party trying to function it it’s quite fun.

You both have been acting for quite a long time so how is it for you? I mean, do you feel like – because you have done a lot of kind of youthful projects. Do you feel like you’re still stuck in the classroom? And do you actually have that experience of kind of going to school and so is this something that you actually got to experience or it’s something totally different?

Allisyn Ashley Arm: Yes, yes, especially because I never got to go to high school. When I got my series regular role on a Disney channel show when I was 12, I had to start homeschooling and so this is like my high school experience. This is what I’m going to look back on in years and be like oh, yes, I remember from high school. Because, I mean, even prop department gave us our own lockers on set and like we all pass notes in the classroom, goof around like our behind the scenes antics feels like being in high school.

Nick Peine: Totally, it’s better than high school for me. I went to high school and college and this is like the high school experience I wish that I had.

You went to college and now you have to go back to high school? Isn’t that most people’s nightmares?

Nick Peine: Not when you’re getting paid a handsome salary, not a nightmare at all. And these people are wonderful…I always joke that the nine of us before this – because LA can be very lonely, and I didn’t have any friends and now I have exactly eight friends.

Allisyn Ashley Arm: Yes, no seriously like we all bonded so fast at like even if we were actually doing schoolwork like and not getting paid like I would still go to set every day just to hang out with these guys.

How is it working with Glenn and Patton? Like are they pretty serious when it comes to getting the work done? Or are they just as kind of hilarious, you know, off camera as on?

Nick Peine: Glenn is a Julliard-trained actor so he can get – he’s very – he can get pretty intense at times. His comedic dial is so sensitive and he’s just take to take he’s so focused on just – and putting the joke kind of right in the pocket. So, I mean, he’s pretty incredible to watch. And he’s very funny as well. But he’s very also you can just see the Julliard training at work. I mean, he’s just – comedy is no laughing matter to Glenn Howerton. He’s fantastic. We love him.

Allisyn Ashley Arm: Yes. Both of them were so perfectly cast that you can tell that like those characters come like really naturally to them. I mean, obviously Glenn has more than proven himself on It’s Always Sunny to be able to play like the charming jerk and Patton is just like you know, huge heart and like both of them like when their scenes together like as much as I love all of our classroom stuff like their scenes together always just bust me up; they’re so funny and they’re both so kind and so fun to work with. And I remember finding out who was cast on this project and just like being in so much awe again another reason why I like even if none of us got paid or even if we had to do schoolwork or anything it’s like the people that we’re surrounded with every day is just fantastic.

Nick Peine: Patton, yes, I grew up – I came from standup so I’ve been a fan of Patton’s for years and years. And he’s amazing. Nobody’s better at Patton than being pathetic and not listened to. I mean, he’s amazing what he does. I watch Patton…

Allisyn Ashley Arm: He’s the nicest person.

Nick Peine: I go, oh, he’s this total teddy bear and I watch him on screen and then I go, God, I’m just not funny. He’s so funny. I’m like I’ll never be that funny. It’s amazing. I love both of them of dearly.