Goodbyes & Dolls – Shamier Anderson Speaks Out On WYNONNA EARP Departure

In the second episode of season 3, Wynonna Earp fans were shocked by the death of a beloved character, Agent Dolls. The man behind the badge, Shamier Anderson, told TV Guide that his departure has much to do with new opportunities, including upcoming feature films with Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman. Anderson released his full statement to fans on Twitter today:

Before Dolls’ demise was revealed, Anderson attended San Diego Comic-Con with the rest of the cast and played it coy on Dolls’ future (including referring to episode 2 as his favorite of the season and “super special”). He did, however, share a bit about his experience on the show and the relationship between Dolls and Wynonna. He described Wynonna’s pregnancy as one of the most challenging experience for Dolls:

What Dolls had to go through experiencing that, channeling what that felt like…somebody that you love so dearly having a baby by somebody else…tapping into that…Cause as we saw the progression of Dolls over the years, to see him open up a little more and finding the levity, the humor and the smile, and then opening up and being vulnerable and then being shut down. When that pregnancy happens, it’s massive. I think that’s really difficult because it’s tapping into a real soft place that we’re not used to seeing from Dolls and I think that’s something that’s always a trick to work because I don’t want to overdo it but I also don’t want to underplay it. I try to find a way that’s in the middle to really get that conveyed.

Even as he steps away from Wynonna Earp, Anderson added that he thinks that Dolls is Wynonna’s soulmate. Where that leaves our favorite demon-slaying gunslinger is anyone’s guess.