WYONNA EARP’S Leading Ladies Talk Season 3 Lessons

At Comic-Con 2018, the cast of Wynonna Earp played it cool on all of the season 3 twists that have left fans in shock. Melanie Scrofano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley opened up, though, on some of the emotional arcs of their characters and how things have changed over the seasons.

Wynonna Earp airs Friday nights at 9-10pm ET on Syfy.

Wynonna has a lot going on from the loss of her daughter to bringing her mother back into her life. How does that complicate things for her in season 3?

Melanie: It’s really interesting just becoming a mother who has given up her daughter facing the mother who has walked away from her. There’s a very interesting messed up dynamic there to explore. So it’s just really interesting that she’s now in the position here mother was in and trying to understand, but yet you’ll always still be that little girl who was like, “Where were you?” But going now, “My daughter’s going to be asking that.” It will mess her up, I think.

What aspects of Wynonna’s character are you excited to explore this season?

Melanie: Being a daughter after becoming a mother. It’s so weird. Or whether it’s just becoming a parent and then the same sex parent – the dynamics shift. They just shift and you understand them more, but you still have that residual resentment. It’s so interesting. It’s very cool.

How about being Waverly in season 3? Do you feel a lot more comfortable?

Dominique: I think because Waverly…we meet her at such an impressionable age, she’s in her early 20s and as we all know, your early 20s can be quite turbulent times. She’s discovering so much about herself that is always changing. Anyways, her arcs are…she has the biggest heart in every season, because she’s constantly growing so much. So I’m definitely always kept on my toes. I’m constantly surprised by whatever Emily throws at me – and forever grateful for what she throws at me because I expand so much at the same time myself. I feel like a lot of the stuff in my life mirrors what happens in Waverly’s life. But yes, of course, it does get easier in terms of base level of knowing who she is. It always helps once you put on the outfit – get the belly top on, you’re good to go.

Do we see any different sides of Waverly this season?

Dominique: Yes, you do. She’s more confident this season. She’s gaining confidence in every season.

Are we going to find out anything about Waverly’s dad?

Dominique: We get to the bottom of a lot of stuff. I’m really grateful for that, too, cause I was like, in the same way as all the fans, “I just want to know who and what…and what’s the deal with all that stuff.” Finally, she gets the answers that she’s looking for – maybe not what she’s looking for, but she gets answers.

How are things going to go with Waverly’s mother?

Dominique: Waverly had a very special bond with her mum when she was younger, as we know that she did not have a very good relationship with her non-biological father. I think she looked for a lot of her comfort and support from her mother. In the same way, [Waverly] was kind of like her favorite. I think that she’s been dreaming of the day when she is reunited with her mom for such a long time that she has such high expectations for what that’s going to look like. And you should never have expectations in life because that means that you are always disappointed. It’s not what she expects, but it’s not necessarily bad. It’s a really interesting time for her, because she’s been dreaming of the moment for so long?

How was it working with Meghan Follows?

Melanie: Because she was new to the world, she was really tireless about asking questions and just making sure she understood why we were saying what we were saying. She wasn’t just, “Oh it’s written, so I’ll say it.” She was like, “Why would she say this right now? What is the joke here?” Cause, you know, we’re season 3. We’ve established this and she’s just walking in and that’s hard. So she was tireless about really understanding what we were doing and also, though, really fun and game to play. Which is great, because if you’re going to be Wynonna’s mom, you’ve gotta be a little crazy.

Do you think Wynonna’s replaced her as a mother figure for Waverly?

Dominique: No, I don’t actually. I think Waverly is often the mom in the relationship, as well. They have the most beautiful sisterly relationship and I think that Waverly is just as much a support for Wynonna as Wynonna is for Waverly.

Since you were not pregnant while filming season 3, are we going to see a ramping up on the action? More fight scenes?

Melanie: We start off the bat ramping it up for exactly that reason – to remind people that Wynonna is this person, but also because the idea is that Wynonna’s been training after sending Alice away. She’s really been dedicated 1000% to ending the curse. She’s been training, is fitter than ever, is stronger than ever, faster than ever, and she’s more dedicated than ever. But I don’t know how much more we can do! Cause we still have to tell the emotional heart of the story.

Who do you think Wynonna’s soulmate is?

Melanie: I hate to choose…but I think Dolls. He’s her guiding star and he’s what she wants to be good enough for. Doc is pretty messed up. So it’s like they’re sort of equals in that way and it’s beautiful. I think Dolls is the just out of reach, ideal.

How is it being at Comic-Con? Do you feel like an old pro?

Dominique: Definitely not! I definitely will never feel like an old pro! I was literally sitting there like, “What am I even saying?” I feel like the fans are going to be like, “Right. That makes all of zero sense.” I always get very nervous. But yes, what I would say is that it feels really nice to be here. Season 3…there is a comfort that comes with the fact that we know so many people support our show in such a genuine way. You don’t have to prove yourself. I can sit back and watch everyone else do their thing and be like, “I’m so incredibly proud of this little show that we never ever ever thought would go to season 3.” Here we are, people…the reaction blows my mind every time. I’m just about starting to enjoy it!

You’ve started the Start the Wave campaign. How did you bring that on set with you?

Dominique: When I came back from India, I realized you have to practice what you preach. When I was there, I saw how the reality of our disposable lifestyles is splayed out in front of you. Just rubbish everywhere. I couldn’t help but be really affected by that. And seeing how the people were affected by it, and global warming speaking a lot about those things…so I came back for season 3 and I decided to buy everybody a water bottle. I paired up with a Canadian company and we did a little deal so it was a little cheaper – and I said to my producer, “I don’t want any money, I just want the support. Are you happy to try and eliminate plastic water bottles on our set?” Then I was the really annoying, naggy person being like, “Have you got your water bottle?” all the time! But we eliminated…usually we go through 12,000 plastic water bottles per season and there were a few naughty people that didn’t bring it every day, but the amount we saved was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Hearing people on the set be like, “I never really thought about easy it was to do that – thank you for inspiring me.” I realized you plant the seed and it just grows. Then they were talking to other people about it, and basically that inspired me to do Start the Wave.