The Wonder Years Complete Series Coming Fall 2014


The Wonder Years was an iconic show for a generation of kids who could identify with the struggles of Kevin, Paul, and Winnie as they wound their way to adolescence.  I still remember the scene where Kevin faces his bully and throws a punch, only to have it sail past the kid’s face in slow motion and land ineffectually on his shoulder.  That’s the stuff of a kid’s nightmare.

Now, fans of the show will be able to relive the good and bad times of childhood and a new generation will be able to discover the genius of this award-winning series.  The Wonder Years Complete Series will be released in the fall with a 26-disc DVD set housed in a “limited-edition metal locker – just like those featured at Kennedy Junior High School.”  The DVD package will also come with Wonder Years magnets, and notebooks with episode information and production photos.

Check out for even more details and to keep track of the release date.