The Voice Contestants Dish On Shakira


Shakira and Usher are back in the coaches’  seats this season, which already has caused some spectacular fireworks.  Undoubtedly, many viewers watch the show and wonder what it would be like to work with a world famous popstar like Shakira.

DeShawn Washington made it through the Blind Auditions this week and described to OHSOGRAY Shakira’s approach to coaching:

Shakira, she’s an awesome person, and to me, she loves to just really take time and work with you and mold you, and try to help you along the way so, when you do perform you know what to bring to the audience and to everyone else.  I enjoy working with her and she grew to like my style of singing.  I know she said she loved how I’m a classical singer and whatnot, but I’m glad that I got to talk with her a little bit and told her how I could expand my genre and everything else like that.

Clarissa Serna also made it through the Blind Auditions and joined the Colombian powerhouse’s team:

Shakira…has a beautiful presence about herself, the way that she carries herself knowing that she has this intense following all around the world.  Her presence is just very peaceful and kind and compassionate.  I think that’s what drew us in. She’s wise beyond her years.  She’s amazing – she’s like a genius and speaks all these languages, plays all of these instruments and she’s so humble about it.  I really admire that about her.  In speaking with her and spending time around her, she’s very patient and calm which is funny because when you see her performing she’s so energetic and out there but she listens.  She gave us great feedback, and I felt really great about my interaction with her.  It was just amazing to get to know her on a different level and to receive some words of wisdom from such an icon. It was really cool.

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