Sneak Peek – A&E Goes For EPIC INK In New Series

We are in the middle of a national tattoo craze. It started with a couple celebrities getting a Successory-style quote here and there, and has now blossomed into full sleeves and torsos. A&E is giving the tattoo obsessed and the confused voyeurs, a glimpse behind the scenes at one of the hottest tattoo shops in the country in the new series Epic Ink. In this trailer, you see some of the incredible art Area 51 Tattoo creates and some of the wacky things people want permanently etched into their bodies. Goonies may be one of the best movies ever, but would you be willing to tattoo Sloth and Chunk on your arm?

Epic Ink premieres on Wednesday, August 20th at 10:30pm ET/PT on A&E.