Inside Scoop: HAVEN’s Emily Rose & Adam Copeland Talk Final Season (Part 1)

Syfy’s Haven is ending this season, bringing to a close one of the more original shows on the network. OHSOGRAY participated on a press call this week with Emily Rose and Adam Copeland, who talked about what fans can look forward to and what memories they take away from their five years on the show. Here is part one of their interview.

Haven returns to Syfy October 8th, 10-11 p.m. ET.

How are these events of the first few epsiodes going to affect your characters moving forward as well as the relationship with each other?

Emily Rose: Wow. I was telling Adam earlier– we were sort of talking about how we’re having to brush off the old like memory of what — where last year was and for us because we filmed it so long ago. But I think like I really liked how, I don’t know if chaotic is the right word, but that’s how it felt to me filming it not necessarily the experience, but the story of it, how you know we start this world of Haven off in this sort of mass chaos. It’s really kind of neat because instead of the chaos like pushing people away, it’s kind of, it’s drawing them together. Maybe with the exception I don’t know of you, Adam, of your character felt kind of the responsibility to kind of hold it all together and you step into kind of this new great role, obviously, with Dwight. But I feel like between Nathan and Audrey it kind of causes them to be super close and, obviously, like I think that the town as a whole is trying to band together to kind of get through that, kind of, chaotic sense of disruption if that makes any sense.

Adam Copeland: Yes, I think – I think the chaos you know it lends itself to Dwight just trying to hold everything together and in doing that ruffles feathers, ruffles the feathers of friends, ruffles the, you know, the feathers of not necessarily enemies but, you know, the Dukes of the world. But at the end of the day, Dwight is always just trying to keep the town together. That’s really all the guy cares about. So it’s interesting, you know? There can be heads butting because of that. It was interesting to the relationship of partnership and, you know, the grand scheme of keeping the town together can also cause butting of heads. So it was a lot of fun for me personally, yes.

Emily Rose: You know, it was a fun episode. It was a cool set and a cool kind of experience. You kind of felt huddled into this place and it wasn’t really, the Haven street. You were inside the school so it was – it was a neat feeling.

How do you feel the season finale acts as a series finale? Do you think that longtime fans are going to feel satisfied at the end?

Emily Rose: Yes, I mean I – the cool thing about this season, kind of contrary to what was initially put out there, is that our planners are really planning for it to be the end. We were, from the beginning, speaking with Matt and Gabrielle about where these characters would land we were treating the – the end was being treated as a series finale. It’s always been in the plan.

So, I mean it was hard. It was a tough process because I found myself being satisfied in a lot of ways and being sad in a lot of ways and having to kind of examine, well, am I bummed about this aspect because I just don’t want to say goodbye to this person, this character I’ve gotten to live with so long. But I do think, looking back on it and being however many nine months away from that experience of shooting those final episodes, I really do feel a sense of satisfaction and nostalgia when I think about filming those last couple episodes for sure. I don’t know about you, Adam but that’s kind of how I feel.

Adam Copeland: Yes, I think you never absolutely, you know, 100 percent of the time get everyone to agree. OK that was – that was perfect. It’s just impossible. There’s too many jaded people in the world. But I can say that it feels like the knots were tied …

Emily Rose: Yes, there was good closure.

Adam Copeland: It doesn’t feel like there’s loose ends, which I think was important to all of us. From the creative stand point, from the performing stand point, the last thing you want is like, “Yes, but what about?” And I don’t think there is that, personally.

Emily Rose: Yes. I’ll say one more thing, I do think there’s going to be fun speculation at the end. I think every good show has a bit of that intrigue that they still leave you with because at the core of our show is the mystery. So there’ll always be things that I think will leave the fans being able to talk and be like, “Well what about this, and what about this?” But it’s not any massive questions. Like I feel like it’s just more like the kind of questions you want to be thinking about and leaving it up to the audience so that they can kind of carry that journey on however they would like to in their minds.

Haven - Season 5

[SPOILER] More people, obviously, become aware of the troubles this season. Can you talk about moving throughout the season how that’s going to affect the town in general? Like is going to make their work harder, easier, is it going to affect that part?

Adam Copeland: Well, I think much to Dwight’s chagrin it definitely makes his job harder.

Emily Rose: Did you just say chagrin?

Adam Copeland: I did.

Emily Rose: You’re an old man. He said chagrin, everyone. That’s hilarious.

Adam Copeland: At some point in this I’m going to get umbrage in too.

Emily Rose: Yes.

Adam Copeland: A few whipper snappers.

Emily Rose: Oh God, you’re so goofy.

Adam Copeland: But I do think that this season definitely just from my character’s stand point, well, from every characters’ stand point, it really pulls them as much as the threads can be pulled. There’s a lot that happens, there’s a lot that goes on and there’s a lot to bottle up and keep contained and is that possible? It’s just a volatile season, which is great.

Emily Rose: And so is you’re – just to – sorry, just to clarify your question too, is it about the awareness, like the town’s awareness of the troubles? Like are we trying to conceal that or is it OK that they’re out is that correct?

That’s what I meant that the whole town knows, but I didn’t know if everybody knows that or not, but …

Emily Rose: Well no, I mean it’s a really smart question because that is something that we kind of wrestled with throughout the season. We’re kind of like OK, the town as a result is dealing with the fact that these troubles have, we – the end of last season they’ve come out of Duke. And so, it’s kind of like, now it’s not like family secrets so much anymore, it’s kind of wherever the trouble crap landed if that makes sense. So, you got people dodging kind of bird poo trouble crap falling from the sky. That’s probably not a good way to say that in an interview. You just said chagrin and I said bird poo trouble crap. I think I’m lower on the intellectual ladder here. But, essentially, it is a – it is a town-wide problem now. I think you had all these secrets for so long and the town felt like they were outcasts and had to keep it quiet. But now it’s like, like what Adam was saying. Like the whole town is dealing with this problem together.

So we kind of wrestled with that. Obviously, Audrey and Nathan and Dwight and Duke all know that the rest of everybody doesn’t. And so, there are still those secrets and things but it’s a lot of the town sort of freaking – having a mutual freak out about, what does this really mean for us and what the heck is going on? That just the way you feel with your leaders and being like, you’re not telling us everything. So, yes, there’s definitely that.

Haven - Season 5

Is there anything that you two took from the set or were given from the set, like a prop or you know something just kind of that you remember the show with?

Emily Rose: I honestly think I had like probably a bunch of stuff and I still have stuff that’s in Shawn’s airstream trailer up in Canada that’s supposed to come back. Like I took — I mean I took a lot and I actually had to ask for permission for some of it, but I took the clock out of Haven Harold bullpen. I took – I took there was a huge beautiful painting of Lunenburg that’s actually up in Shawn’s airstream I’m hoping to get. So, Shawn if you read this, please I want my Lunenburg painting. And there’s a chandelier actually that was in a very unique room that you guys will see at the end of the season that I’m hoping to have installed in my new bathroom. So, I did take a lot. Oh I took a little shield off the wall in the Haven bullpen that said, ‘our little darling’ which I really liked. Yes I took a lot…Because you know what I was like listen, they know where to find it if we somehow get pulled back, but there’s too much that I’m attached to here and if I can have these little mementos, you know, and everybody was really sweet about it. They understood you know you spend a lot of time in – that’s your office, that’s your world. Everybody can pack up their office when they leave and it’s hard you know not to think you don’t get to pack up. So, everybody was really sweet about what we could – what we could have or take away.

Adam Copeland: I was able to get Dwight’s vest. I spent …

Emily Rose: That’s awesome.

Adam Copeland: So, much time in that thing that I …And I did hate it and I felt I deserved that just to be able to look at and go, I hated you, but I had so many great times in you. So it’s one of those expositions. Another big word, wow, I’m on fire.

Emily Rose: Yes. I have my badge, I have my badge and my book and my pen. I have that too.

Adam Copeland: I have the badge and the chief Hendrickson sign from the office door. And what else, what else, I know there is one other thing. Oh, quite awesomely, a few other guys from set gave me the slate from the last scene that I was in.

Emily Rose: I know, I got a slate too. Yes, that was the coolest part. The camera guy gave us those which was great.

Adam Copeland: Yes, yes and I won’t name names just so they don’t get in trouble, but they know who they are so.

Was it nice to kind of get back in Audrey’s skin and put Mara down for a little while?

Emily Rose: Yes it was – it was a little – it was a little strange because Mara is such a brat. She’s so fun to play, so I got to be so bratty. And then, with Audrey I felt like I wanted to have some of those moments but, you know, she’s just a little different in how she’s a brat. But, don’t laugh at that like you know what that means, Adam. But there were some different really fun things. I got to play Lucy a bit more this last season, which was really exciting for me. And, then, obviously, Audrey even though it’s chaotic, something I really enjoyed about the top of the season 5b was that she and Nathan were in a really good place. And so it was kind of neat to get to play that relationship out as what is it like for them when they’re banding together and they’re not driven apart? What is it like when they have to really work as a team, you know, post all this relationship discovery that they’ve had. So it was kind of nice to be like, what would it –what would it feel like for them to be this working partner couple in this town where crazy stuff’s happening where they get to just like kind of be together and enjoy, tackling things together as a team before things got highly dysfunctional. So that was nice. And then, also I got to do some sign language in the first couple episodes with a really cool, great character. And so, it was really, really fun to be able to do that. So, yes.