Dominion’s Anthony Head Goes American

Dominion- Season 1

Anthony Head will forever have a place in the hearts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, as the stodgy, yet kick-ass librarian, Rupert Giles. In his newest project on Syfy, Dominion, Head goes somewhere you’d never expect – he adopts an American accent for his portrayal of David Whele, the chief administrator of Vega.  OHSOGRAY chatted with Dominion star Christopher Egan and executive producer Vaun Wilmott about our favorite Brit’s transformation.

One of the most shocking things, for people who have seen the first episode, has been Tony Head speaking with an American accent.  Were you surprised at how well he did that and was it a conscious decision?

Wilmott:  [LaughsIt’s funny, I’ve seen a little bit of that on comment boards.  The whole idea was that it’s set in America, it’s the western states of America – it’s basically called the cradle – [what] is left of what we know of humanity.  So it was important to have these be American characters. The funny thing about the show is I don’t think we have a single American on the cast.  I think that the entire cast is either British, Australian or [from] New Zealand.  So Tony is an American on it and he does a great accent.  He sounds the part.

Egan:  He’s got that politician thing down so well.  Watching him do that speech in the pilot, it’s like like…yeah…he’s got the politician thing.

Wilmott:  He really does!

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