[VIDEO] Sneak Peek & Inside Scoop! HELIX Season 2 On Syfy

Helix returns to Syfy in two days! In season two, there’s a new location, a new virus, and some new characters. There’s also the return of a couple familiar faces. OHSOGRAY chatted with Neil Napier (Dr. Peter Farragut), Mark Ghanimé (Major Sergio Balleseros), and Executive Producer Steven Maeda at Comic Con 2014 on what viewers/fans can look forward to. Additionally, there’s a new promo for the season below that has a very interesting surprise in the last 10 seconds…

Helix season 2 premieres January 16th at 10/9c on Syfy, after the premiere of 12 Monkeys.

Neil Napier

Mark Ghanimé

Steven Maeda

Sneak Peek: