FYI’s TINY HOUSE NATION Returning in April

Have you heard about the tiny house trend sweeping the nation? It’s a new way of living that’s attracting a lot of attention – downsizing to the tune of 500 square feet or less of living space. These houses are like pimped out dorm rooms on wheels.

FYI’s docuseries Tiny House Nation shows the creativity that goes into downsizing. Here’s some of the projects on the agenda this season: “The tiny feats featured in these new episodes include a family in Mississippi who rebuilds their home that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina; a mom and her toddler boys who erect an off-the-grid trailer in California; a steam-punk themed tiny home built for cross-country travel in Utah; and a luxury vacation ski chalet in upstate New York.”

The new season of Tiny House Nation debuts April 13, 2015 at 9pm ET on FYI.