Vikings – Gaia Weiss Joins The Cast As Bjorn’s New Love Interest

Vikings Season 2

(Photos: Jonathan Hession/HISTORY)

There’s good news for Ragnar and Lagertha’s baby Bjorn now that he’s all grown up.  He gets to follow in his father’s footsteps and score a ridiculously good looking woman.  There’s only one problem with the lovely Porunn – she’s the Lothbrok’s slave.  Her lesser social status may not deter Bjorn, but what will his parents think?  If Porunn has half the charm of Gaia Weiss, everything will turn out well. OHSOGRAY recently chatted with Gaia about joining History Channel’s hit show and what we might see between Porunn and Bjorn.

What was it like coming into this Viking world where you have people in these great costumes and great sets?  What did it feel like becoming part of that environment?

It was absolutely wonderful.  It helps when you come on set and you cannot see – apart from the camera team and the crew – when you look around you, it is a village.  It’s not green screen or blue screen.  Everything around you is just the Viking world, so it makes it a lot easier to act and really believe in what you’re doing. 

Did you have an opportunity to interact with [show writer/creator] Michael Hirst?

Yes, he’s often on set.  When I arrived, I had many questions about my character and he was always there to answer.  It’s really nice to have the writer being present.

What is the relationship like with Bjorn?  He is an incredibly complex character – does Porunn get to see a different side to him than we’ve seen before?

Yes, up until now, you’ve only seen him interacting with his parents mostly or with his family.  She is someone from the exterior.  It will reveal another side of his personality, I think.

Catch Gaia’s premiere on Vikings on Thursday, April 3rd at 10/9c on History Channel.