Vikings: George Blagden on Athelstan’s Season 2 Journey

Athelstan - Vikings Season 2

In the first season of History Channel’s epic drama Vikings, George Blagden stole the show as Athelstan, a monk with a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome.  In season 2, Athelstan is an honorary Viking and picking up the ax for the first time.  Athelstan and Ragnar have become as close as brothers, but how can Athelstan move past the betrayal of Ragnar offering him up as a sacrifice to the gods?  In promoting the new season, Blagden shared his thoughts.


I think the way that Ragnar and Athelstan’s relationship has developed means that actually the pair of them are completely dependent on each other. When we reach Season 2 off the back of this betrayal from Uppsala, Ragnar has been through the emotional ringer in terms of the love affair that develops with Aslaug and his brother’s betrayal. I think Athelstan, although keeping a safe distance from Ragnar, starts to sympathise with his difficult situation.


Athelstan’s journey heads in some unexpected directions that will keep viewers guessing.  In upcoming episodes, Athelstan will grapple with his faith in god, himself, and his new family.

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