Science Channel’s THE UNEXPLAINED FILES Reopens


(Photo Annette Szlaski/Discovery Communications)

Science Channel’s most watched series of 2013, The Unexplained Files, is returning for its second season starting July 29th.  The first episode will explore the real story behind the events depicted in William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel and the subsequent film, The Exorcist.  Brother Greg, a member of the Alexian Brothers, will discuss what he witnessed during that terrifying time.  Additionally, the first episode will investigate the mysterious deaths of 100 elk on a New Mexico ranch in the summer of 2013.  All the animals died within 24 hours, and there were no bullet wounds or other immediately apparent causes of death.  Season 2 will also feature stories from Bosnia-Herzegovina, where a geologist claims to have discovered pyramids pre-dating those in Egypt by 7,000 years, reports of an underwater Nessy-like creature in Lake Labynkyr in Siberia, Russia, and whether UFOs are targeting nuclear sites.

The Unexplained Files returns July 29th, 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.