HAVEN Interview Part 5: Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant Talk Season 5

Haven - Season 4

There’s only one more interview part to go after this! Emily Rose (Audrey Parker) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos) were incredibly generous with their time. Lucky for Havenites!

Haven returns September 11th at 10/9c on Syfy.

We’ve seen several different time periods depicted on Haven. Are there any you would like to visit or revisit?

Emily: I’ve always want to do 1800s. I’ve always wanted to do like a Western, or really petticoats and horses. That has been my dream – for anything. I’m just trying to weave it in…

Lucas: Emily just wants horses.

Emily: I want horses.

Lucas: I don’t have a specific time that I would like to visit. Any of those. Any time that we’ve done. We did a 1955 episode, that episode last year with Haven in an alternate reality…I think anytime that we travel out of this normal – well, not that it’s normal in any sense – what we’ve come to know as Haven, that those episodes have been my favorites to perform and to watch. So I’m up for any time travel.

Emily: I’m just up for the 1800s.

Lucas, can you talk a bit about your directing work this season?

Emily: It’s going to be awesome.

Lucas: Emily said that she feels like it’s going to be Christmas morning?

Emily: I do.

Lucas: For some reason.

Emily: The last day of school and Christmas morning mixed together.

Lucas: She doesn’t even have a clue what I have in store for her. I am going to take these years of biting my tongue; it’s all going to come out. No, it is going to be like Christmas morning, actually. I do have lots of gifts planned every day. Presents. Really.

Emily: [Laughs]

Lucas: How it came about was that it’s just been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and talked to these people here about may be making that possibility a reality. Thankfully, it just finally worked out this season. I’ve been shadowing directors as much as I could over the past couple of years here – seeing that side of production. Everyone has made it work out for me. It’s coming soon actually. We’re going to get right into it when we come back from hiatus. I don’t have a script yet, I don’t know exactly what the episode I’m doing is going to be like. But, I have some ideas and, so far, hugely exciting. Totally inspiring. I’m jazzed.

Lucas, are you going to be dealing with all the aspects of the production for these episodes?

Lucas: Every bit of it. Now, there will be some limitations, I guess when we’re doing it because…I guess this isn’t a spoiler, but Nathan is in this season. I am still alive. In some way, anyway. So I’ll have to be working with my acting schedule during prep. But, a lot of that has been scheduled around the days that I have to shoot and so everyone is going to make the allowances for me. Thankfully. Then post will be tricky too because again, we’ll be in to the next episode. Every minute that I’m not getting my ass beat on screen – or, I mean, saving the world – and simultaneously getting my bottom handed to me, I will be working on the post side of things.

Emily, is it going to be interesting taking orders from this guy?

Emily: I mean, I do it every day anyway.

Lucas: Wow.

Emily: It’s not going to be any different.

Lucas: When have you ever taken one order?

Emily: Ok, let me give an example. I have one right now. This isn’t going to be the first time I’ve worked with an actor/director. Lucas has a lot to live up to as in I’ve worked with Jason Priestly. He was acting across from me and directing an episode, so I know what it’s like to have the director gone for a little bit at the monitors and then jump in on the mark. Honestly, no, it was funny because we shot an episode recently, a couple months back, and the director just said to us, “Do whatever you want. Do whatever you want for this take.” Lucas and I looked at each other and I said, “Ok, let’s have a little practice here. If you were directing me in this moment, what would you say I need to do? Give me some direction.” Because good actors for I feel like for the most part, and I try to be one and he’s always been this way for me, mainly try to stay out of each other’s hair. You’re kind of like, “Whatever you need to do. Whatever your instinct…” You don’t direct the other person til that trust has really been established. So I said, “Well, what do you think?” He gave me the direction and I said, “Oh, ok. I like it. We’ll see how that goes.” We did it and it was great. I thought so. I think it was kind of a fun moment cause we both kind of stepped away and were like – oh, that was interesting. That was cool – I didn’t think about it from that way. That worked out really well. Then I was like, ok, this might work out pretty good. As much as I want to slam him, he’s going to do great.

Lucas: Awww.

Emily: The thing that I’m the most jealous of is in terms of the directorial debut, our crew here is incredible and to be able learn from the DP Eric Cayla that we work with, and to be in the graceful hands and loving arms of a great crew that loves us and everybody wants Lucas’ episode to be fantastic. I think it’s just going to be a lot of fun. I think the only time it will get tense, potentially, is if we really are under the gun in any way. But, Lucas’ shining and winning personality will come out to play and save us all.

Lucas: Wow. I could not have said any of that even close to better.

Emily: That’s right.

Lucas: That was incredible.

Emily: It was. It was. That’s why we make such a damn good team.