DR. PHIL’s New Season Begins With Shocking Crimes



(Photo: CBS Television Distribution / Peteski Productions)

It’s hard to believe Dr. Phil is starting its 13th season on Tuesday, September 9th.  To kick things off, the first week of the show will deal with “ripped from the headlines” exclusives.  Up first is the story of 35-year old Robyn Gardner who disappeared in Aruba in 2011.  Garnder’s boyfriend, Gary Giordano was the main suspect, but has never been charged with any criminal wrongdoing.  Giodano will take the seat opposite Dr. Phil and face some tough questions.  He will also come face to face with Robyn’s sister, Danielle, who believes he killed Robin for money.

The rest of the week sounds equally fascinating.  On Wednesday, September 19th, Dr. Phil will talk with the Texas father who was acquitted of murdering the drunk driver who killed his two sons.  On Thursday, September 11th, Dr. Phill will talk with Stephanie Hayden Ford, daughter of Will Hayden, the star of “Sons of Guns” who has been accused of rape. On Friday, September 12th, Dr. Phil will talk to the California family who made headlines when they fired their nanny and the woman wouldn’t move out of their home.

Check your local listings for the exact times of each episode!